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Aqualution™ is a high performance waterborne basecoat system designed to provide you with outstanding color match, high quality materials and the exceptional performance you have come to expect from Matrix System in an environmentally friendly package designed to meet future VOC requirements.

Aqualution waterborne basecoat is our first step towards meeting the VOC regulations of the future. Sixty-six specialized toners and pearls combine to provide the user with a viable alternative to solvent borne paint systems by utilizing today's proven OEM technologies.

Aqualution Provides:
  • Easy Application
  • Quick Coverage
  • Less Coats
  • Faster Cycle Times
  • Smooth Satin Appearance
  • Meets VOC Requirements
  • Over 25,000 Colors

Quality and Cost Savings:

Because Aqualution takes advantage of existing technologies you gain the benefits of utilizing time tested materials developed specifically to:
  • Maximize Coverage
  • Reduce Cycle Times
  • Decrease Material Requirements

Added value and cost savings are realized because Aqualution toners are simply shaken prior to use. There is no need for expensive mixing equipment. Aqualution toners are stored on common shelves at a constant temperature.

The transition to waterborne products embodies a commitment to change. Matrix supports your efforts by developing products that not only meet VOC requirements but are cost effective. Find out for yourself the value, ease of application, shorter dry times, decreased energy consumption and minimal waste output that Aqualution by Matrix System offers today.