Ryan Evans at Count’s Kustoms in Las Vegas and of History’s “Counting Cars” was one of our first Mavericks of Color. At The SEMA Show 2017, we announced the new 2018 Mavericks. Ryan is officially passing on the torch to this new league of painters whom he both admires and looks forward to seeing what they do with this new title--2018 Maverick of Color.

Born in Detroit, the Motor City, in 1983,

Matrix Automotive Finishes is a beloved American brand regarded by refinishers for its rich pigments, as well as color performance and match. One of the founding principles of the Matrix paint brand was and remains good products that don't break the bank. It's how we made our mark in the industry, and it's how we continue to create top performing products at an affordable price for painters across the country. Matrix offers the color, technology and tools to create award winning finishes, time and again.



With the AccuShade Intermix System, Matrix rivals its competition with exact formulas for over 250,000 colors and 2.1 VOC compliant products. And, with distributors across the U.S., Matrix continues to dominate the PBE market - recognized for its innovative basecoat system and superior clears.